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For some people, the best way to handle rough terrain is with a bobble hat, knee-high socks, and thighs slathered in liniment. Others, however, see it as a good chance to throw some magnificent tech into the mix and see what comes out. The machine-heads behind the DTV Shredder fall into this second category thankfully.

A snarling hybrid of skateboard, motocross bike and panzer tank, the DTV Shredder is the next generation of all-terrain vehicle. Already garnering attention from the US military, this rugged one-person vehicle pushes the competition into the long grass when it comes to handling tough terrain. The rider stands sideways on the Shredder, planted on a modified skateboard deck for improved balance and a narrower wheelbase. Although “wheelbase” is perhaps the wrong word. Because the DTV Shredder is propelled by two enormous caterpillar tracks.

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