The Phone Scam, Disconnected – Kate Russell

Yesterday I got an email from my step mother saying that a nice gentleman from an Indian call centre had phoned to tell her that her computer had been infected with a virus. He claimed:

“many viruses have arrived in computers when recently there was a breakdown in the broadband system in your (and other) areas”

He said his name was Mark Daniels (unusual name for someone with a heavy Indian accent calling from India) and that he was a senior technician from the company, London Technical Department, based at 124 Baker Street, London. He said his ID number was 11275.

He claimed that his company has a “super computer” that monitors the IP addresses of all the millions of people connected to the Internet (what!?), and when someone becomes infected with a malware virus there is a “little red blinking light” against their IP address that informs them of the infection! To further validate his claims (as my father was naturally quite suspicious because he has me for a daughter!) he directed my step mother to some locations on her computer that threw up some (in her words) “errors and warnings amongst all the items in blue with information ticks”.

Read the rest and listen to the recorded phone call here >> Kate Russell’s posterous – BBC Click’s website diva!.

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