This Is How 72 Bags of Cocaine Look Inside Your Intestines

This Is How 72 Bags of Cocaine Look Inside Your Intestines.

A 20-year-old Irish man was caught by the Brazilian Federal Police with 72 bags of cocaine inside his intestines. This is how he looked inside, using a three-dimensional computed tomography body scanner. It’s actually more disgusting than I expected.

In total, he was carrying 830 grams (1.8 pounds) of coke when he was arrested on September 12 at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he was about to take a flight to Brussels, Belgium. That’s $207,000 in the market.

Drug mules get paid from $1600 to more than $8000 per trip. [via Gizmodo via Independent via MSNBC]

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The Slingshot Madman Makes Death Portable

The Slingshot Madman Makes Death Portable.

Our appreciation for bald, vaguely Eastern European, totally insane slingshot purveyor Joerg Sprave is long-established and unbounded. And he apparently loves his fans right back, if this extremely dangerous, reasonably-sized death-by-wood-and-rubber contraption is any indication.

The only problem with previous Joerg creations (read: machete crossbow) is that they were a bit unwieldy, hard to carry down the street or to a family reunion without garnering a lot of awkward stares. Not so the ultra compact Bullpup Slingshot Crossbow, a condensed version of Joerg’s apocalyptic vision. Full instructions on how to build your own are coming soon, but for now, enjoy the retro-mayhem.

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