iPhone 5′s Alleged Dock Connector Shown Off in Pictures

TechnoBuffalo iPhone 5′s Alleged Dock Connector Shown Off in Pictures

iphone-5-dock-connectionApple is reportedly putting the iPhone’s 30-pin dock connector into a shrink ray. Good-bye accessories. But the design is supposedly in an effort to make our lives easier, at least in the long run. And here’s what the new connector is said to looks like.

According to Nowherelse.fr, the picture you see above is the new connection compared to the USB end of the cable, giving us an idea of scale. It’s tiiiiiiny. Worth noting: Nowherelse said the validity of the images are unconfirmed. Still, the parts are consistent with the swath of rumors we’ve heard over the past several months, like the one about the 8-pin connection.

Like I said before, a MagSafe-like connection is a relatively small detail to the overall design, but it’s being implemented to make charging your device that much easier. With so much of our technology now relying on wireless connections, switching from a 30-pin to an 8 (or whatever it’ll be) may not be so bad.

[via MacRumors]


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