Postmodern Jukebox One Take 2013 Mashup: Just Another Day at the Office

By: ScottBradleeLovesYa

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A couple weeks ago, we took over Cosmopolitan’s NYC offices to record a medley of 2013 hits- done Postmodern Jukebox style, of course. Watch for cameos by past (and future!) guest performers, and also watch the background to see what happens when you give your musician friends the instruction to “pretend that you’re working in an office.”

The medley includes:

Ragtime Blurred Lines – sung by Robyn Adele Anderson
1940’s Holy Grail – sung by Cristina Gatti
Doo Wop We Can’t Stop – sung by Robyn Adele Anderson http://
Motown Roar – sung by Karen Marie
R&B Royals – sung by Ashley Stroud
The Fox – sung by Andromeda Turre:

The band also includes:
Adam Kubota – bass
Allan Mednard – drums
Ben Golder-Novick – alto sax
Stefan Zeniuk – clarinet and bari sax
Joe McDonough – trombone
Scout Ford and Gerard Giddens of The Tee Tones:
Tambourine Guy:
Jermaine Harrell – DJ when the beat drops
Ephrat Asherie – dancer
and me (Scott Bradlee) on piano:

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