Best Pranks of 2014 Compilation – Prank Bros


All these pranks were filmed in Rhode Island. Subscribe for more!

Friday The 13th Prank
We got Geo geared up to look like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. WE headed out to Crystal Lake in Chepachet, R.I. We set up two camera angles. Geo sat underwater waiting patiently for people to show up. For this prank we needed to get scuba certified and some scuba gear.

Alligator Prank
I thought it would be fun to take an alligator decoy and attach it to a remote controlled boat.

Dinosaur Prank
We set up a fake nest with eggs in it. When people got a little too close mommy came out to protect her babies.

Rat Prank
Jason Voorhees Puts on his rainbow stripes and heads out to Pride with a remote controlled Rat

Gorilla Prank
We took the gorilla to the bike path in Barrington Rhode Island. The same place we did the dinosaur prank. We then set up a bunch of bananas to distract people.

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