Idiot Thief Exploded Himself by Peeing on a Power Transformer [Bad Ideas] |

By Kyle Wagner

Michael Harper is an idiot. The 36-year-old Englishman was in the middle of robbing a power sub-station when he decided, hey, why not urinate on the power transformer. The transformer exploded, Harper caught on fire, and 2,000 people lost power. Dunce.

Harper and an accomplice were stealing copper wire (naturally) from the station. To get at the wires, they had drained the insulating oil from around the fixtures. Oil, of course, catches on fire when a moron pees on a transformer and sends sparks flying around.

Harper was “permanently disfigured” by the explosion and sentenced to a year in jail, where, with any luck, he’ll pee on the electrified fence in the yard. [Gizmodo via Leicester Mercury via via Fark]

This Is How 72 Bags of Cocaine Look Inside Your Intestines

This Is How 72 Bags of Cocaine Look Inside Your Intestines.

A 20-year-old Irish man was caught by the Brazilian Federal Police with 72 bags of cocaine inside his intestines. This is how he looked inside, using a three-dimensional computed tomography body scanner. It’s actually more disgusting than I expected.

In total, he was carrying 830 grams (1.8 pounds) of coke when he was arrested on September 12 at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when he was about to take a flight to Brussels, Belgium. That’s $207,000 in the market.

Drug mules get paid from $1600 to more than $8000 per trip. [via Gizmodo via Independent via MSNBC]

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British firm advertises for naked female web coders | TG Daily

British firm advertises for naked female web coders | TG Daily.

Now here’s a dream job. An advertisement has appeared on the UK version of Craigslist looking for female web coders who are prepared to work in the nude.

Chris Taylor of Nude House says he’s a naturist himself, and that the office is warm and private – and great fun. Customers never meet the staff, he promises, and won’t know they’re in their birthday suits.

On the company website, he says it’s the “ultimate experience for nudist self-expressions” and  suggests that “The company may also operate the other nude activities – if the staff desire.”

His requirements are simple. “There is nothing hard with this other than understanding the web and being able to design web pages,” reads the ad. “You can work part-time or full-time – it is up to you.”

But there is just one more thing that applicants apparently need for the job – breasts.

Taylor is remarkably unabashed about the stipulation, which he seems to think is perfectly normal. “It’s because they’ll be working for me in my house, and I want females,” he told TG Daily. “I don’t want to look at men.”

Somehow, though, I don’t think I’ve got the job.

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Everything You Need To Know About Coffee in Less Than Five Minutes

By Kelly Hodgkins — We already know what happens to your brain when you drink coffee.

Now, a short and sweet video from C.G.P. Grey fills in the gaps with bunch of trivia and anecdotal stories about our favourite beverage, coffee. It’s pure awesome.

via Everything You Need To Know About Coffee in Less Than Five Minutes. via Grey’s Blog via LikeCool

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Nobody Needs a $100,000 Razor — Gizmodo

Adrian Covert —Ukranian sapphire blade that stays sharp for a year. Iridium handle. Magnetic connectors. There are many unnecessary aspects about this razor, but none moreso than the price. $100,000.



via Nobody Needs a $100,000 Razor. via Book of Joe via Born Rich

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