Swoops In to Save Save Summify Users Swoops In to Save Save Summify Users
Published on ReadWriteWeb | shared via feedly mobile deserves credit today for some start-up agility and helpfulness. Yesterday, Twitter bought Summify, a service that crunched down links from one’s Twitter feed into a need-to-know email digest, and it will be shut down. Loving users freaked out., which provides a similar service, heard those cries for help, and it has redesigned its homepage and launched new features to welcome those Summify users in. got popular with its iPad app, but it also offers an email digest with Summify-like functionality. Today it’s announcing a slew of new features: Facebook support, time zone support, and control over the number of articles and sending time for the email digest. also wants to know what features Summify users want.

Sponsor general manager Jake Levine says that “Summify users seem universally unhappy with the news” of Twitter’s acquisition. It stinks when a useful service goes away. Twitter might not even use Summify’s technology, but they’re hiring the developers for Twitter’s User Growth team. Twitter needs people who know how to filter the noise of a stream into something useful. That may not look anything like Summify, but Summify’s creators are experts on the problem.


But the team says in its blog post that solving the problem is “not that hard to do (shhh…).” Summify’s users need a place to go now. Fortunately for them,’s business is more well-rounded with the iOS app and subscription plans. Support for links from Facebook expands’s usefulness, and the new email features offer more control over the digests than Summify users had.

But the best part is asking for suggestions. asks Summify users:

  • What did you like best about the service that you’d love to see us implement?
  • What did you wish you could have but that Summify never built?

If you’d like to chime in, comment on the blog post.

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BBC News – Huffington Post launches UK edition

Huffington Post launches UK edition


The US blog-led news site The Huffington Post is launching its UK edition on Wednesday.

It launched a Canadian version in May, but the UK edition will be the first one outside North America.

The Huffington Post was set up by Arianna Huffington in 2005 and bought by AOL earlier this year for $315m (£222m).

Ms Huffington remains the president and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group.

The Huffington Post features a combination of its own journalism, articles aggregated from other news sites, blogs and user-generated content.

When AOL bought the site, Ms Huffington said that one of the most exciting things about the sale was that it would allow them to launch international sites much more quickly.

She is expected to address a launch event on Wednesday, which will also feature former Sun editor Kelvin Mackenzie, spin doctor Alastair Campbell and civil rights campaigner Shami Chakrabarti.

The Huffington Post is also planning to launch a French edition.

AOL recently cut 900 jobs as it attempted to integrate the Huffington Post with its existing workforce.

It is expected that the UK edition will mainly be staffed by the employees who previously produced AOL’s UK news pages.

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