Telephone Pole Jesus Died For Your Landline Abandoning Sins

By Seth Abramovitch
Jul 28, 2011 5:40 AM



Colorado native Don Taylor, who describes himself as “a nonreligious individual,” was stopped dead in his tracks when he stumbled upon this divine apparition on his daily routine. Yes, a creeping vine on a telephone pole had taken on the unmistakable form of a crucified Jesus Christ. Local authorities warn potential pilgrimage-makers not to climb the pole to kiss or embrace Telephone Pole Jesus, however, lest they want to receive a 765,000-volt message of peace and love from their Leafy Savior. [7News, photo via Don Taylor’s Facebook]

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BBC – Wonder Monkey: Can religious teachings prove evolution to be true?

By Matt Walker:

It is one of the great questions of the past 150 years. Did God or evolution drive the emergence of life in all its resplendent variety? This blog, the US education system, and even American politics have to a degree all become dominated by the debate at various times, which goes to the heart of our world view and our ideas of where we, and all other forms of life, came from. But I’ve just come across an intriguing piece of research that may, to coin a phrase, put an evolutionary cat among the believing flock of creation scientists, many of whom believe in the literal account of Genesis. One scientist has decided to use creation science to test the validity of evolution. Because, he says, if it turns out that creation science proves evolution, then by its own logic, it will have to reject its own canon of research that previously denied it. It’s a clever idea, because it once again puts evidence, rather than faith, at the centre of the debate. Science cannot prove that God doesn’t exist, or that God may have once put in place all known physical laws and processes that shaped the universe and everything in it. Science cannot challenge faith, which by its very nature, does not require evidence many scientists are religious people who see no contradiction between their faith and work and many people of faith see no contradiction with what science can explain. But science does require evidence, and this evidence allows us to explain, with increasing accuracy, how the world around us works.

Read the rest of the article here >> BBC – Wonder Monkey: Can religious teachings prove evolution to be true?.

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