German geniuses hit 800Mbps with light bulb WLAN — Engadget

Light bulb WLAN

Last year, Chinese scientists showed off some new old-school tech, transmitting data with blue LEDs that flicker faster than the human eye can perceive. This throwback back to the good ol’ days of IR receivers was able to hit speeds of 2Mbps, but leave it to the fine folks at the Heinrich Hertz Institute to push the light bulb networking tech to the extremes. Earlier this year researchers hit 500Mbps with white LEDs now, using a combination of white, green, blue, and red, the team ramped that up to 800Mbps, officially putting Ethernet on notice. The line-of-site networking wont actually replace your standard Cat 5 line or WiFi router, but it could find a home in places like hospitals where radio-based wireless technology can cause problems for sensitive equipment. With any luck, we’ll soon be bathing our homes in HD-streaming illumination.

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iPhone SLR Mount Brings Out the Best in Your iPhone’s Camera | Technology News – TechNewscast

iPhone SLR Mount Brings Out the Best in Your iPhone’s Camera | Technology News – TechNewscast.

Do you have a bunch of SLR-compatible lenses lying around, with no way to attach them to your iPhone? Grieve no more: Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount lets you (almost) turn your iPhone into a full-fledged DSLR.

The device’s function is simple: it’s a special iPhone case (together with an UV filter and SLR adapter) to which you can attach a variety of photo lenses – telephoto, wide angle, macro or fixed-fifty – which should greatly increase the quality of photos taken with your phone.

It comes with certain caveats: for example, your images will be upside down, due to the fact that SLR cameras have a mirror inside them which flips the image right-side up – something that iPhone obviously doesn’t have.

We’re also sure that the entire thing will look like a gross overkill to many, but we can imagine a couple of uses for it: if nothing else, it’ll surely make you a star at the next photo convention.

The iPhone 4 version of the mount costs $249, while the iPhone 3 variant will set you back $190.

For more iPhone photography-related accessories, check out this list.

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Two Photoshop Forgeries That Can Save You Money on Parking


Adam DachisPhotoshop is an amazing tool, but it’s generally used for a specific kind of creative work. In this post we’re going to look at a different kind: easy, evil forgeries that can save you money in your day-to-day life.

Note: The tips you read in this post are at least bordering on illegal, and in most circumstances they are also bad things to do. We’ll offer up situations where making the evil choice might be ethically sound, but because laws vary depending on where you live you need to make sure you’re not breaking them before you try anything you read here.

Read the full article here >> Two Photoshop Forgeries That Can Save You Money on Parking.

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Yokohama EV sets new Pikes Peak Hill Climb record, leaves Leaf blowing in the wind — Engadget

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

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Remember the unmodified Nissan Leaf that dared to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb? No, it didn’t win the electric vehicle class, but it did have the honor of playing second fiddle to a new paladin. By pairing the motor they used to set last year’s EV record with a new high-performance cooling system, Team Yokohama managed to shave nearly a minute off of their previous record-setting time, completing the course in 12 minutes and 20 seconds. The Leaf? It leisurely drifted through the finish line at 14 minutes, 33 seconds. Not the quickest way to the top, but let’s be fair — if it’s a choice between being comfortable or being king of the hill, we’ll stretch our legs, thanks.

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ClamCase for iPad 2 is a little lighter, suited for picture taking and $149 — Engadget



Just in case you bought an iPad 2 but really needed a netbook, ClamCase is back with a redesigned version of its case / battery powered Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard combo. This one is a hair thinner and a little lighter than the previous version reviewed here, with cutouts for the back camera and speaker grille plus integrated magnets to awake and sleep your tablet when the case is opened or closed. The keyboard has also reportedly been refreshed for an improved feel, but even though the black version is on sale now for $149 white ships next month there’s still a 4-5 week wait for shipping to get a hands-on and find out for yourself. Logitech’s Keyboard Case for iPad 2 is another option for $100, but it will only protect your precious slab on one side — something to consider while you’re checking out specs.



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DTV Shredder at

For some people, the best way to handle rough terrain is with a bobble hat, knee-high socks, and thighs slathered in liniment. Others, however, see it as a good chance to throw some magnificent tech into the mix and see what comes out. The machine-heads behind the DTV Shredder fall into this second category thankfully.

A snarling hybrid of skateboard, motocross bike and panzer tank, the DTV Shredder is the next generation of all-terrain vehicle. Already garnering attention from the US military, this rugged one-person vehicle pushes the competition into the long grass when it comes to handling tough terrain. The rider stands sideways on the Shredder, planted on a modified skateboard deck for improved balance and a narrower wheelbase. Although “wheelbase” is perhaps the wrong word. Because the DTV Shredder is propelled by two enormous caterpillar tracks.

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