iPhone 5′s Alleged Dock Connector Shown Off in Pictures

TechnoBuffalo iPhone 5′s Alleged Dock Connector Shown Off in Pictures

iphone-5-dock-connectionApple is reportedly putting the iPhone’s 30-pin dock connector into a shrink ray. Good-bye accessories. But the design is supposedly in an effort to make our lives easier, at least in the long run. And here’s what the new connector is said to looks like.

According to Nowherelse.fr, the picture you see above is the new connection compared to the USB end of the cable, giving us an idea of scale. It’s tiiiiiiny. Worth noting: Nowherelse said the validity of the images are unconfirmed. Still, the parts are consistent with the swath of rumors we’ve heard over the past several months, like the one about the 8-pin connection.

Like I said before, a MagSafe-like connection is a relatively small detail to the overall design, but it’s being implemented to make charging your device that much easier. With so much of our technology now relying on wireless connections, switching from a 30-pin to an 8 (or whatever it’ll be) may not be so bad.

[via MacRumors]


Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days


via Mobile Apps News Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days


Last week, music curation and streaming service Songza launched an iPad app to join their already-available iPhone, Android, and web apps. And over the course of the last ten days, the company’s iOS apps have been downloaded more than 1.15 million times.

This is a testament to how startups can disrupt crowded spaces as long as the core idea is solving the problem differently. Songza achieves that with some added user delight to boot.

Unlike Pandora’s algorithms or Spotify’s blank canvas approach, Songza offers up playlists that have been curated by music experts, like Rolling Stone writers and DJs. But the way these playlists are delivered is what really makes the app special (and likely abutting threatening to the other companies in the space).

Songza has a feature called Concierge, wherein the app takes bits of information, like your preferences, the day and time, and the fact that you’re on a mobile device, and gives you a list of activities common for that specific moment in time.

So, on a Friday late at night, Songza will give options for a sweaty dance party or getting high, with filters for each like Pop and Hip Hop. Users can then choose from playlists that fit under that umbrella.

On the other hand, you’ll see activities like getting up and working out on a Monday morning like this one. There’s also an Explore feature which lets you select your playlist by Activity, Genre, or Mood.

Songza hasn’t shared numbers from before the release of the iPad app, but founder Elias Roman did say that before this week, the web was their most trafficked platform. But that’s all changed with the release of the iPad app, which is only good news as Roman sees Songza as a mobile-first product.




iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Finally Get Proper, Untethered Jailbreaks

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Finally Get Proper, Untethered Jailbreaks
Published on TechCrunch | shared via feedly mobile
4SWhile the once long list of legitimate reasons to jailbreak your iPhone has taken a hit with each new iOS release, that burning desire to “Free your device” and/or “Fight the power” and/or “Just do crazy stuff that other people can’t do” never really goes away.3 months after the release of the iPhone 4S and 10 months after the release of the iPad 2, the ridiculously talented iOS hacking community has finally cracked the ultimate challenge for both devices: the untethered jailbreak.

I know these things can get a bit jargony, so a quick recap: to “jailbreak” means to modify a device to run code and applications not signed or approved by Apple, thereby allowing you to do things with your device far outside of what would normally be possible. “Untethered” means that once it’s jailbroken, it stays jailbroken (whereas a “tethered” jailbreak means the device resets to its normal, un-jailbroken state whenever it is reset)

The team behind this hack, Chronic Dev, is the same group that makes the greenpois0n tool that’s been jailbreaking iOS devices for years. Remember comex, the iOS hacker who went legit with an internship at Apple? He was a key member of this group.

While their server seems to be taking a bit of a pounding right now, you can find the new iPhone 4s/iPad 2 jailbreaking tool (dubbed “Greenpos0n Absinthe”) right over here.

Shooting a music video with iPhone 4s – National Geographic Adventure Blog

Adventure Travel – National Geographic Adventure Blog.


Recently, Camp 4 conducted another experiment: They shot a music video on a camera phone. While normally this would sound like a waste of time for filmmakers of their expertise, that was not the case. Shooting on the iPhone 4S, with its 8-megapixel camera and 1080p hi-def video, the team produced great results.

“The first digital video cameras we took with us into the mountains four years ago—to Pakistan—were shooting lower resolution and weighed significantly more,” says Tim Kemple, who directed the music video featuring singer Gillian Chase. “But even bigger than that to me is the idea that you can always have this camera with you—no set up, no setting down your backpack.” Pretty ideal for documenting your adventures.

Box rides on iCloud’s coattails, offers 50GB of free cloud storage to iOS users — Engadget

Box rides on iCloud’s coattails, offers 50GB of free cloud storage to iOS users — Engadget

No, your eyes don’t deceive you — Box is offering 50GBs of free storage inside its cloud for iOS users — just like it did for TouchPad owners back in June. Anyone who downloads the latest version of Box’s app for iPad and iPhone will receive their massive lot for data storage after registering a personal account (existing accounts can join in on the fun as well). To make better use of that extra space, Box will also be bumping upload capacity from 25MB to 100MB per file and baking in AirPlay support. Look, Box is obviously skitching on iCloud’s tail, but it sure seems like a crazy good deal considering that space is yours “forever.” The promotion will last for 50 days, officially starting at 12AM on October 14th — although, we’re already seeing the update on our end. Full details in the source link.
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Producer Makes Insane Real-Time Beats With New iMaschine App

By Mario Aguilar

Jamie Lidell is a seriously talented and internationally known musician and producer, but the music he’s able to make using only this iPhone app is crazy. This cannot possibly be real. The subway just got way more fun.

The new iMaschine app for iPhone and iPod Touch just dropped in the app store, and if this newly-released promo video is any indication it’s one of the most functional production apps out there. The app is actually based on the Maschine sequencer hardware/software combination by Native Instruments. That might explain why Jamie Lidell looks like he’s actually pounding away at the pads on a sequencer instead of playing with an app.

The iMaschine app is actually a combination sampler, sequencer, and audio processor. It carries all of the tools you need to improvise and record a bumping beat. Choose from the included package of drum kits, synths, bass, and other sounds, and then lay down a track on the pads. As Lidell shows off, the iPhone microphone can be used to grab samples or to record in real-time. Then you can use the built-in tools to edit the track and tweak the sound.

The music in the video is all recorded in real-time. Lidell makes the sampling, playing, recording, editing workflow look seamless and intuitive. Native Instruments didn’t exactly hire an amateur to show off its app, and Lidell definitely had plenty of hands-on time before he shot the video. But at least we know what’s possible. With a little creativity and practice—that could be you too. iMaschine costs $4.99 and is available now in the app store. [via Gizmodo.com and Native Instruments and Warp Records]

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BBC News – Are we addicted to smartphones?

New research suggests we are a nation addicted to smartphones.

More than half of adults and two thirds of teenagers say they have used their smartphone while socialising with others.

Nearly a quarter of adults and a third of teenagers have used them during mealtimes and over a fifth of adults admitted using or answering their handset in the bathroom.

The research found that the line between work and social time is also becoming increasingly blurred with 30% of smartphone users saying they regularly take personal calls during working hours and work calls while they are on holiday.

James Thickett, Director of Research with the media regulator Ofcom says this is has affected the type of contracts that phone companies offer.

via BBC News – Are we addicted to smartphones?.

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iPhone SLR Mount Brings Out the Best in Your iPhone’s Camera | Technology News – TechNewscast

iPhone SLR Mount Brings Out the Best in Your iPhone’s Camera | Technology News – TechNewscast.

Do you have a bunch of SLR-compatible lenses lying around, with no way to attach them to your iPhone? Grieve no more: Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount lets you (almost) turn your iPhone into a full-fledged DSLR.

The device’s function is simple: it’s a special iPhone case (together with an UV filter and SLR adapter) to which you can attach a variety of photo lenses – telephoto, wide angle, macro or fixed-fifty – which should greatly increase the quality of photos taken with your phone.

It comes with certain caveats: for example, your images will be upside down, due to the fact that SLR cameras have a mirror inside them which flips the image right-side up – something that iPhone obviously doesn’t have.

We’re also sure that the entire thing will look like a gross overkill to many, but we can imagine a couple of uses for it: if nothing else, it’ll surely make you a star at the next photo convention.

The iPhone 4 version of the mount costs $249, while the iPhone 3 variant will set you back $190.

For more iPhone photography-related accessories, check out this list.

[Photojojo via Engadget]

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Apple iPad now used for 1% of all browsing – leaving Android rivals in the dust | Technology | guardian.co.uk

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Apple iPad now used for 1% of all browsing – leaving Android rivals in the dust

Figures from Net Applications measuring visitors to web sites suggest that the iPad is more than 50 times more popular than its nearest Android rival

via Apple iPad now used for 1% of all browsing – leaving Android rivals in the dust | Technology | guardian.co.uk.

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