Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

Slashdot Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

musicon writes “According to Nadim Kobeissi, Windows 8 is configured by default (using a new featured called Windows SmartScreen) to immediately tell Microsoft about every app you download and install. This is a very serious privacy problem, specifically because Microsoft is the central point of authority and data collection/retention here and therefore becomes vulnerable to being served judicial subpoenas or National Security Letters intended to monitor targeted users. This situation is exacerbated when Windows 8 is deployed in countries experiencing political turmoil or repressive political situations.” While SmartScreen is enabled by default, it’s possible for users to turn it off. Also, it’s worth noting that Microsoft is hardly alone in this regard, given the rise of app stores over the past several year. (Not that it exculpates this behavior.)

The Odd, Dual-Screen gScreen Laptop Is Actually Shipping | TechCrunch

The Odd, Dual-Screen gScreen Laptop Is Actually Shipping | TechCrunch.
by John Biggs


A few years ago I met a stockbroker who was telling me that someone should make a laptop with two screens so he could trade while on vacation. While I was slightly disturbed by his dedication to capitalism, I’m proud to say that his dream has been fulfilled.

We first talked about the gScreen Spacebook a few years ago and now the Alaskan company is actually going to start shipping their massive, two-inch-thick laptop to the masses. The screens are each 17 inches and the laptop is fairly standard with optical drive, three USB ports, and GeForce GTS 250M GPU. It starts at $2,400 for an Intel Core i5-560M although there’s some kind of 50% off pre-order price right now, bringing it down to $1,200.

If you need a dual screen like the aforementioned stockbroker, this may be your easiest choice. However, I’d recommend hiring a Sherpa to carry this around for you because this thing looks like a monster.

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Photosynth for iOS Creates 360 Degree Panoramas as You Slowly Spin in a Circle

Photosynth for iOS Creates 360 Degree Panoramas as You Slowly Spin in a Circle.

Photosynth for iOS is the panorama creation and sharing app that lets you capture more of your world. Now you can capture 360° in all directions (up, down, left, and right) to create spectacular images. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth makes it easy and fun to create and share interactive panoramas of wherever you are.

Photosynth can share images and interactive panorama experiences to Facebook (with the included free service). Integration with Bing Maps means millions of people could see your panoramas on maps and in search results for locations you’ve captured.

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Avatron Software: Air Display

Avatron Software: Air Display.

Ever wish you had an extra display for your computer? There’s an app for that! With Air Display, you can extend your desktop wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac as a wireless display.