Best Fails of the Month June 2014 || FailArmy

By: Fail Army

June may just have the best fails of the year! Watch this hilarious fail compilation to find out!
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To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out:
El Toro BMX Faceplant:
Skateboarding Faceplant:
Gap Jump Fail:
Skateboarding Fail:
Body Builder Fail:
Quad fail:
Car crash bounce:
Swing Set Fail:
BMX Lake Jump Fail:
Kobe Dog Jump:
Water Jump Fail:
backflip fail:
lumberjack fail:
Horse Fail:
BMX knocked out:
Hang Gliding Fail:
BMX crash into camera:
Jet Ski Fail:
Spinal Injury:
Christmas Pudding:
Irish Frisbee:
motorcycle street race fail:
Skateboarding Buttplant:
Cat Fail:
Rally Car Crash:
motorcycle street race fail:
Worst Skateboarding bail ever:
Sandboarding Fail:
BMX Kid Faceplant:
Bus Stop Smash:
Dhaka Cyclist Fail:
Plane Crash Fail:
BMX Faceplant:
Russian Biker Slides By:
Trampoline Fail:
Pogo Stick Faceplant:
Cyclist Fail:
Drag racing fail:
Yamaha Banshee Crash:
Car Backs into Car:
Burpee Fail:
Hall of Meat 1:
Bike Jump Fail:
tractor crash:
Karate Fail:
Gap Crash:
skateboarding falls into lake:
Waterskiing Fail:
backflip fail:
Mountain BIke POV:
Ball Fail:
Bike Jump:
Drunk Alleyway:
Woman Falls on Kid:
Rollerblading fail:
Motorcycle POV:
Obstacle Course:
XP900 Front Flip:
Highway Exit Crash:
Dirt Bike Burnout:
BMX Falls Off Side:

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