Mozilla Launches Thimble, A Web-Based Code Editor For Teaching HTML and CSS

via TechCrunch Mozilla Launches Thimble, A Web-Based Code Editor For Teaching HTML and CSS


Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind the popular Firefox browser, just announced the launch of Thimble, its latest project to teach more users how to build their own web pages. Thimble, which is part of Mozilla’s recently launched Webmaker project, is meant to help novice users write and edit basic HTML and CSS right in a web-based code editor. The service features instant previews and also lets its users host their finished pages on a Webmaker domain with just one click. Users can start from scratch or choose one of over a dozen projects and learn how to code them by hand.

Unlike other projects like App Inventor, which remove a lot of the actual basic coding effort in favor of a more visual Lego-like editor or a WYSIWYG approach, Thimble uses a more hands-on approach. There is a traditional code editor on the left and you can see the instant preview on the right. The service is clearly meant for novice users who are still trying to get to grips with basic HTML.

Besides the instant feedback users receive through the preview pane on the right, the ability to publish your site to the web with just one click is another nifty little feature that removes a lot of friction for novice users.

Among the projects currently on the site are multiple games, as well as a “meme-maker” app and a project that lets you build custom how-to pages.

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Finally Get Proper, Untethered Jailbreaks

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Finally Get Proper, Untethered Jailbreaks
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4SWhile the once long list of legitimate reasons to jailbreak your iPhone has taken a hit with each new iOS release, that burning desire to “Free your device” and/or “Fight the power” and/or “Just do crazy stuff that other people can’t do” never really goes away.3 months after the release of the iPhone 4S and 10 months after the release of the iPad 2, the ridiculously talented iOS hacking community has finally cracked the ultimate challenge for both devices: the untethered jailbreak.

I know these things can get a bit jargony, so a quick recap: to “jailbreak” means to modify a device to run code and applications not signed or approved by Apple, thereby allowing you to do things with your device far outside of what would normally be possible. “Untethered” means that once it’s jailbroken, it stays jailbroken (whereas a “tethered” jailbreak means the device resets to its normal, un-jailbroken state whenever it is reset)

The team behind this hack, Chronic Dev, is the same group that makes the greenpois0n tool that’s been jailbreaking iOS devices for years. Remember comex, the iOS hacker who went legit with an internship at Apple? He was a key member of this group.

While their server seems to be taking a bit of a pounding right now, you can find the new iPhone 4s/iPad 2 jailbreaking tool (dubbed “Greenpos0n Absinthe”) right over here.

The Odd, Dual-Screen gScreen Laptop Is Actually Shipping | TechCrunch

The Odd, Dual-Screen gScreen Laptop Is Actually Shipping | TechCrunch.
by John Biggs


A few years ago I met a stockbroker who was telling me that someone should make a laptop with two screens so he could trade while on vacation. While I was slightly disturbed by his dedication to capitalism, I’m proud to say that his dream has been fulfilled.

We first talked about the gScreen Spacebook a few years ago and now the Alaskan company is actually going to start shipping their massive, two-inch-thick laptop to the masses. The screens are each 17 inches and the laptop is fairly standard with optical drive, three USB ports, and GeForce GTS 250M GPU. It starts at $2,400 for an Intel Core i5-560M although there’s some kind of 50% off pre-order price right now, bringing it down to $1,200.

If you need a dual screen like the aforementioned stockbroker, this may be your easiest choice. However, I’d recommend hiring a Sherpa to carry this around for you because this thing looks like a monster.

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What do you love, asks Google with a new portal to its many web services — Engadget

Google WDYL

Google WDYL

Say hello to your new online friend, An eagle-eyed TechCrunch tipster spotted this freshly launched Google portal, whose purpose it seems to be to gather up all of the company’s multifarious web services under one umbrella. A Google search for Google products, in other words. Punching in a topic brings up its popularity in Google Trends, lets you set up Google Alerts, plan related events in Google Calendar, email someone in Gmail, or hit up Picasa, YouTube or Google News with the same query. You get the picture. It hasn’t yet been made official and hitting up the site without the “www.” prefix throws up a bad URL error at the moment, but it’s there and seemingly fully functional. Give it a try and let us know which search terms bring up the most humorous results.

via What do you love, asks Google with a new portal to its many web services — Engadget. via What Do You Love?

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